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Preparing to Take the AC-PNP Exam Soon? 

Let us help you prepare for the AC-PNP Exam with practice exams, structured review of results, and the rationale behind each question.  Questions are tagged by system-based subject areas so you can easily identify the areas where you need help focusing your study time.

Acute care pediatric nurse practitioner exam test prep,, provides valuable study guides, strategies, and practice exams with 100% money back guarantee to help you achieve success in becoming a certified acute care pediatric nurse practitioner.

This site is designed to prepare graduates of acute care PNP programs for the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) acute care certification exam.

Offering 1: Three AC-PNP Practice Exam Modes

1.  Normal Exam mode that simulates the actual AC-PNP Exam

  • Results are given at the end of the AC-PNP Exam Review, to see how prepared you are for the actual exam

2.  Study Exam mode that doesn’t allow you to move forward until you answer each question accurately

Offering 2: Interactive Review Course

1.  You will receive the online exam review course, unlimited access to the slides with quizzes and jeopardy game and a 20% discount to the AC-PNP Exam Review Course.

2.  Review Courses for the following: Primary Care, Labwork, Research and Professional Issues, Radiology, Pharmacology, Antibiotic, Respiratory, Cardiology, Emergency, Toxicology, Gastroenterology, Immunology, Genitourinary, Hematology Oncology, Neurosurgery, Endocrine

3.  Strategy and Preparation: Strategically Analyze M/C Questions, Controlling Emotions (Panic!), Study Tips on how to prepare for exams

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AC – PNP Exam Prep Tests

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Passing the AC-PNP Certification, Interactive Review Course

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AC-PNP Exam Prep Tests and Review Course

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