About the AC-PNP Exam Review

About the AC-PNP Exam Review


Preparing to Take the AC-PNP Exam Soon? 

Let us help you prepare for the AC-PNP Exam with practice exams, structured review of results, and the rationale behind each question.  Questions are tagged by system-based subject areas so you can easily identify the areas where you need help focusing your study time.

Acute care pediatric nurse practitioner exam test prep, AC-PNP.com, provides valuable study guides, strategies, and practice exams with 100% money back guarantee to help you achieve success in becoming a certified acute care pediatric nurse practitioner.

This site is designed to prepare graduates of acute care PNP programs for the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) acute care certification exam.


“I finally decided to take my exam on August 10 for the Acute Care Certification and passed it. Miss Lindy, your review materials are the best. I did not use anything else but yours…and Bolick as reference.” – NC


The AC-PNP Prep Exam consists of six practice tests for a total cost of $157.85

This exciting new AC-PNP certification exam website contains 200 questions, answers and rationale and is designed to assist the Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner graduate successfully complete their National certification exam.  These questions have been developed by an instructor who has over 30 years nursing experience, 12 years as an acute care pediatric nurse practitioner and 10 years as a clinical instructor in the nation’s largest AC-PNP program.   

The questions include pediatric primary care as well as a complete discussion of acute and chronic health conditions.  The questions follow the most current AC-PNP certification exam guidelines, provided by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB), the nation’s only AC-PNP certifying organization.

The questions on this website were created with this content outline as a guide.  The PNCB exam is comprehensive and includes clinical problem per body system.  Examples of specific conditions include:  

  • 1 – Pulmonology
  • 2 – Cardiology
  • 3 – Infectious Diseases
  • 4 – Trauma/Burns/Maltreatment
  • 5 – Neurology/Neurosurgery
  • 6 – Oncology
  • 7 – Gastrointestinal
  • 8 – Pain/Sedation
  • 9 – Musculoskeletal
  • 10 – Otolaryngology/Cranio-facial/Dental
  • 11 – Hematology
  • 12 – Renal
  • 13 – Allergy/Immunology/Rheumatology
  • 14 – Dermatology
  • 15 – Endocrinology
  • 16 – Genetics/Metabolic
  • 17 – Genitourinary
  • 18 – Toxicology


Who should take this review?

1.  ACPNP students in their last clinical rotations, planning to graduate and certify within 3-6 months, will find this review allows them opportunity to practice taking the certification exam multiple times and how to read and interpret what each exam question is asking. 

2.  ACPNP students who like to begin reviewing certification exam materials earlier in their education may want to take this review, 6-12 months before certifying. For these students this review will allow them to focus on areas of weakness, not only for study, but during their final clinical rotations.

3.  The post masters ACPNP student with many years’ experience will find this exam will assist them to focus on study areas outside their practice. Post Masters nurse practitioners are a wealth of knowledge.  However, two scenarios present with the post masters nurse practitioner.  One is they do not prepare adequately for the ACPNP exam, in regards to devoted study time and second, they overthink the scenario based questions.  This database of sample ACPNP certification questions will allow the post masters nurse practitioner to view questions from a novice nurse practitioner’s view point and answer accordingly. 


Two AC-PNP Practice Exam Modes

1.  Three Normal Live Exam mode tests that simulates the actual AC-PNP Exam

  • Results are given at the end of the AC-PNP Exam Review, to see how prepared you are for the actual exam

2. Three Study Exam mode tests that do not allow you to move forward until you answer the question accurately


      •  Example AC-PNP Exam Review Question and Results